Knoxville Municipal Golf Course

3925 Schaad Rd, Knoxville, TN 37921, USA

About Knoxville Municipal Golf Course

3.8 / 5

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    Austin Currado
    June 24, 2022

    For a municipal course it’s actually pretty nice. It’s usually right around 30 bucks for 18 holes with a cart. The food is cheap and tastes good, the greens are in good shape. Fairways aren’t too bad either

    Martin Costilla
    August 23, 2022

    Overall a nice field, but the older gentleman at the hosting station was extremely unprofessional. We were 10 minutes late to too time, and came in asking if we needed to change the time. Instead of assisting us, he began screaming and yelling at us, enraged that we were late. We told him we would take a later team time if necessary, but he wouldn’t listen, and threaded to ban us from the club if we were ever late again. Once we finally walked in the tee-off, he proceeded to follow us out on to the tee and screamed at us a second time for making his day so hard, and telling someone else to go ahead and go in front of us, even though we were kn the tee-oof, and they were not even out of the building. Overall a terrible host and probably a club my friends and I will never return too unless this man is removed. Everyone else on the staff was as friendly as the day is long, but this older man does not represent any club that I will be associated with.

    Patrick Nalle
    June 03, 2022

    Easy to get on here for last minute round but condition always leaves much to be desired. Grass is kind of sparse and ground is very hard. Will hit some shots that make your hands sting if you try to take a divot.

    Savannah Faulkenberry
    April 01, 2022

    My family and I have loved playing this course for the last couple years but we WILL NOT be back. One of the older male employees approached us on the course and was extremely disrespectful to all of us after we had a misunderstanding in regards to number of golfers/tee times. We were happy to oblige once we understood the rules, but he continued to talk to all of us in a very derogatory, hateful tone, despite the numerous times we respectfully attempted to tell him we understood and would oblige accordingly. He even made a comment stating that “it’s common sense.” Ultimately, we’re paying customers, a couple of them were new to the course, and it should be “common sense” to treat your customers with respect.

    Collin G
    May 10, 2022

    Would not recommend! Older guy at the front desk is VERY rude. Quite awhile ago, I was there with a group of friends and had my learners permit and was driving a golf cart with a friend who had his drivers license and was over the age of 21. The golf carts are very slow so it should be fine right? Nope. The guy very rudely told us you MUST have a drivers license to drive the golf carts. I was disappointed but obliged. Well then he starts lecturing us about it even after we’d obliged. And again, very rudely. Another time, my friend had a Vitamin water he had brought with him. Well this guy (almost positive it was the same old guy) starts accusing him of drinking outside alcohol. My friend assured him it was Vitamin water but the guy insisted it was alcohol. SMH. Like I said that was awhile ago but it hasn’t gotten better since. And they are VERY strict about tee times. I haven’t even mentioned the greens. The last time we were there the greens were horrendous. The course is not that well kept. If you’re going golfing do yourself a favor and find a better place.

    Knoxville Municipal Golf Course

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