Best Family Italian Restaurant and Pizza In Knoxville, TN

4 November 2022

Have you tried Gondoliers Italian Restaurant on Cedar Bluff yet? Family owned and operated, the food is excellent and affordable, with a wide variety of choices. Everyone in your family will find something they can enjoy. The service is usually fast and friendly and the staff greets and treats each customer as if they are a member of the Gondolier family.

What Makes the Best Italian Restaurants and Pizza?

There are many Italian restaurants and pizza restaurants in Knoxville, TN. Gondolier makes the list for being one of the best in the region. There are three reasons for being one of the best Italian restaurants pizza bakers in Knoxville.

  1. There is a high value placed on the comfort of their customers. The company includes their customers in the decision-making that determines much of what you see when you visit one of their restaurants.
  2. Quality is a top priority. It doesn’t matter whether it is a tried and true recipe or a new menu introduction.
  3. Freshness is apparent in every menu item. The founders, owners of every restaurant location and all staff know that freshness of the ingredients is what keeps people coming back again and again.
Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza at Cedar Bluff – Delicious Chicken Souvlaki for Dinner.

What is Gondolier’s Family Story?

In 1974, Basilios “Bill” Sioutis, a Greek entrepreneur opened the first Gondolier Italian Restaurant in Cleveland, TN. Bill had recently immigrated to the United States and his first restaurant was a place where families could dine on a menu with something for everyone and enjoy a fun night out together. Right at the start, Gondolier had an unwavering commitment to comfort, quality and freshness.

Over 40 years later, this tradition continues with the next two generations of the Sioutis family. Now Bill’s two sons, Dimitri and Alex work with their father in the expanding Gondolier chain of restaurants. There are more than 35 communities they proudly serve with their distinct brand of quality and customer service.

Gondolier Home made Italian-style Thick Crust Pizza

What is the Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza Menu?

Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza menu has more than 50 menu items, not including all the pizza combinations. This is really quite unprecedented in the casual dining industry.

Their selections include specialty salads, including their famous Greek Salad, oven baked subs, Greek specialty dishes, pita wraps, calzones, stombolies, many choices of Italian entrees. There is even a choice of white or red pizza, all the ingredients are home made from family recipes using only fresh quality ingredients.

The best pizza begins with an authentic crust and sauce, next comes the cheese and then an ample choice of fresh toppings. Gondolier Italian Restaurant does make a wonderful pizza and it is a good value for the family. Don’t forget to top off your meal with one of their delicious and beautifully decorated homemade desserts.

Does Gondolier Italian Restaurant Serve Breakfast?

The answer is yes! In fact, at many Gondolier restaurants, the doors usually are open around 10:00 am each morning, even though the posted hours may say 11:00 am. Customers are invited to arrive early and enjoy a freshly prepared, hearty breakfast.

You may want to check that your local Gondolier Italian Restaurant serves breakfast at their website here.

If your local Gondolier doesn’t have breakfast, we suggest picking up a Spinach Pie with a Greek Salad. It’s absolutely one of my favorites. Yummy.

Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza at Cedar Bluff – Made in-house delicious desserts.

What Kinds of Desserts does Gondolier Italian Restaurant Make?

Walk in and the first thing you’ll see is a large tempting glass dessert case filled with beautifully decorated homemade cakes, traditional desserts and pies. You can almost taste how delicious they are by just looking them.

Find everything from traditional Baklava, Milky Way Cake, Banana Pudding Cheesecake, S’mores Cheesecake, delicious Cannolis and more, or the absolutely best homemade Tiramisu made in Knoxville TN. At any visit, you’ll find new and old favorite desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Ready to plan a visit to a Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza at Cedar Bluff in Knoxville, Tennessee? Just hop on over here for a map and more information. Or visit their website to find a convenient location nearest you.

I had to include a picture of my favorite dessert. No, you can’t have a bite! 😉

Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizza – The best home made Tiramisu in Knoxville, TN

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