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    Jammie Hoffman
    October 14, 2023

    1st time there and it was for line dance lessons! I’m from wa state we done have alit of this! It was a great time! I recommend you check it out!

    Chelsea Bowman
    November 19, 2023

    You can definitely tell that the employees are trained to be extremely rude and not understandable by any means. They have a rule that if you leave you cannot re-enter without paying the cover again, which is already slightly ridiculous since you get stamped accordingly when you enter the first time, but that is just their way of ensuring they get every penny possible of out the customers. But, regardless I don’t care as I don’t drink (was only there to accompany an out of town guest) and I’m easy going. However, I left my feminine products in the car and needed to get them. I asked the bouncer at the exit, both bouncers at the entrance, and the lady at the cover booth for permission to go get them (even asking if one of them would want to walk me there 15ft away to avoid hassle), I was given permission by all 4 of them. Within 15 seconds I returned to the door and was grabbed by the arm and accused for re-entering without paying the cover again (regardless of the stamp of my arm and the permission I was given) I told the bouncer to please check with all 4 bouncers that gave me permission and literally showed them the tampon that I went to get. I was treated poorly and as if I did something wrong even though I had gotten permission from everyone possible to run to my car for quite literally 15 seconds within plain sight. It was just a very inhumane and displeasing experience.

    March 05, 2023

    First time in the place. Watched MMA fights. Sat ringside at VIP table. The fights were exciting and flowed at a good pace. Our table service was good. The place is very large and has ample bars with tables and plenty of standing room.

    Austn Space
    October 24, 2023

    I went to see Ed Bassmaster (comedy) here. Online it said the doors were at 6 and the show was from 7 to 10 I got there at 7: 45 as Ed was wrapping up and the show was over by 8 p.m. I had bought the VIP tickets but those seats were filled up when I got there. Spent lots of money to see about 20 minutes of a show that was supposed to go for 2 more hours and for seats were didn't even get to sit in. Pretty disappointing experience.

    India Easterly
    November 17, 2023

    I need someone to reach out to me as soon as possible. I came out last night for the after party for Lil Wayne’s concert that I attended. I went to the bar and I’m waiting my turn. I asked what type of brown liquor was served, the bartender laughed in my face and said that’s what most of the bar is made of didn’t give me a chance to order walked away and took about seven or eight minutes and he came back and I told him you know not all bars are the same I’ve never been here before that’s why I asked what kind of brown liquor they had and so I asked if you guys had Ciroc Brandy I asked if you had Dusse and he said no to both I asked if you guys had Hennessey he said yes I asked for a double shot of Hennessy and then I asked what tequila you guys had he name them so I said give me a double shot of 1800 and then he said he didn’t have enough for a double shot so I told him he could give me the rest and Casamigos so when he finally brought the drinks back to the bar, he brought me for glasses with two double shots in each one when that’s not what I originally ordered I ordered a double shot of each liquor double shot of white liquor double shot of brown liquor that totaled $83 and he said he was not going to fix it. It was already done, and I would just have to pay for it , I have never felt so disrespected and so rudely treated I work for a whole credit card company. Any mistake this made can always be fixed I work for US Bank I looked and asked several of staff if they could get me to talk to someone and everybody acted like they didn’t know anybody who was in charge I went to the door I went to the person excepting the money. I asked one of the other bartenders. Nobody try to help me nobody orders $83 worth of liquor for two people I was patient I was nice I was kind. Nobody else was treated like this at the bar and then it made me wonder was this because I was a lady of color I am African-American so I would really like someone to reach out to me ASAP

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