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    Ace Roberts
    January 03, 2024

    Is a good clean, family, fun theme park. No different than your typical theme parks. There are rides, shows, shops, food, and so forth like any other theme park. The only thing I found different about this place than I have others is there large bird sanctuary for birds who wouldn't make it in the wild on their own. I think it's great with what they are doing. The food prices and quantity/quality is about the same as other theme parks, parking is based off of how close you want to be to the gates. We did general parking with no issues. There are tram services available. We walked to the park from our vehicle and it only took 10 minutes. We took the tram back and that took 3-4 minutes. If you decide to ride on the train, don't wear white. It's an actual train and you will likely get soot on you. Was a nice short ride around the park with a very energetic and enthusiastic staff. Overall great park for the area. If interested in amusement parks this isn't a bad spot to explore if your in the area.

    Jonathan Mitchell
    January 04, 2024

    Dollywood is amazing! Very clean, family friendly and world class customer service! Highly recommend. We brought my son and daughter today and it was amazing, if your local you must have a session pass! From all the holiday events they do etc. It's the only way to go! Also had a really great experience with one of their employees , my daughter needed to feed and my wife was trying to get a bottle ready, one of the ladies at Red's Dine-in, brought us a container of hot water so my wife could warm up the bottle quicker without even asking. Truly amazing!

    January 06, 2024

    Overall fun place.. Train ride, kids & adults rides, food areas , shows, different workshops, decorations & lights after dusk.. Will take around 5-6 hours to full day. We had fun during Christmas time. Kids enjoyed the rides. Staff was friendly, multiple food & rest areas. The tram service is super fast from parking, so even if you see a big line, it’s moves pretty fast. App helps to locate places and waiting time. However app showing rides as ‘temporarily closed’ before opening time is misleading. The place overall gives an old village vibe, but seems like need more maintenance. Lights were not super fancy but enjoyable. For about $100 per person + $25 parking , it feels as little overhyped.

    Jerad Watson
    January 07, 2024

    Best theme park if you have little ones. -good for kids of all ages -awesome food -something for everyone -clean Compared to six flags in Atlanta this has so much more you can do with toddlers. We have a three year old little girl and she had a blast. We also had some older kids that could do fun stuff as well. One of the surprising things is they that have so many places designed for us parents. In each section of the park, they have kid play areas and benches to sit down and watch your kid. The cinnamon bread is worth the line. Go ahead and get more than you will eat and bring it home to friends. They also have this bird area with eagles, hawks and more! Super interesting! There is definitely something for Everybody and probably too much to fit into one day!

    October 08, 2023

    Friendly Employees all over the park. Also helpful if you need anything just ask and they are more than happy to help. The food is pretty good and the refillable souvenir cups are a fantastic deal. Plenty of shows at different schedules so you can see most everything you want to if you plan it out right. We didn’t do any of the rides other than the free fall ride, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was fun. The park was moderately crowded around 60%. I would say. The ride times we noticed were anywhere from 20 minutes to 65 minutes for some of the popular rides. We went to see the harvest festival, decor, and the pumpkins looked amazing. I wish there were more lights and other areas similar to the way they do Christmas, but overall, it was a great experience. We are season passholders and this was the first time we were able to experience the fall harvest. For the themed seasons, the tasting pass is a great value. For $35-$40 you get to sample five different things in there are both food and drinks to choose from. The drinks are a little less expensive so I would save the tasting pass for the food and just purchase the drinks.


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