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    The Tennessee Riverboat Company operates the Star of Knoxville Riverboat cruising the Tennessee River. The Tennessee River is one of the most beautiful rivers you will ever cruise. You will enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in Knoxville. Not only will you see some of the history of the river, you will most certainly be relaxed by the river’s beauty. Join us on a lunch or dinner cruise.

    abbas khan
    March 24, 2024

    I recently had the displeasure of experiencing a dinner cruise aboard an outdated vessel in Knoxville, and the entire experience left much to be desired. First and foremost, the ship itself felt like it belonged in a museum rather than hosting guests for a dining experience. To add insult to injury, they had the audacity to charge an extra $15 for a "window table," despite there being only two lines of tables on each side, essentially guaranteeing that you'd be seated next to a window regardless. It's a blatant cash grab with no added value. The food, which was hyped up on their website, failed to meet even the lowest of expectations. What was promised as a culinary delight turned out to be a disappointing assortment of lackluster dishes that hardly justified the exorbitant prices they were charging. Furthermore, their handling of special occasions was utterly lackluster. Despite providing details about my son's birthday when booking, they didn't lift a finger to acknowledge it. No cake, no candles, not even a simple announcement. It's as if they couldn't care less about making their guests feel special. To top it all off, there was supposedly live music on the second floor, but it might as well have been nonexistent in the dining area due to the poor sound quality and inconsistent performance. Save yourself the disappointment and look elsewhere for a dinner cruise experience. There are other companies offering comparable prices with modern ships, better food, and superior service. Don't waste your time or money on this outdated excuse for a cruise.

    brian keith
    March 16, 2024

    For 25 dollars you cant go wrong. We were driving through Knoxville so we booked ahead of time online. The ride is about 2 hours. We pass so great scenery including the college, woods and some million dollar homes. The boat was not crowded, there were alot of tables to sit at. The staff is nice and friendly, they sell drinks and light snacks and had live music. Make sure you come early because it was hard to find parking as it is limited.

    Liz W
    July 01, 2023

    We did a lunch cruise on the Star of Knoxville, and the boat ride was very peaceful and relaxing. The views were pretty as well, definitely worth seeing. But I'd recommend just doing a scenic tour, instead of getting the meal too. The buffet lunch of BBQ and sides tasted like cafeteria food. The sweet tea and the rolls were great, but otherwise I wasn't too thrilled with the meal. The server was wonderful and very friendly. It was also difficult to hear the captain talk about the scenery, their sound system wasn't very good. Restrooms: seemed clean. Parking: the entrance to the parking area is shared with Calhoun's, and it's awkward to navigate, but they had plenty of available parking close to the boat dock.

    Marcia Nicholas-Nagel
    September 04, 2023

    My husband booked us the dinner cruise for my 40th birthday and paid extra for the window seats. The boat is very old which isn’t an issue but it wasn’t very clean. Cobwebs & dead bugs all along the outside railings. Windows inside were dirty, dead flies and ants. The windows are not tinted and do not offer any shade so if you plan to do this (especially in the summer) be aware the sun will be beating down on you along with the glare from the sun on the water so bring sunglasses and get ready for it to be extremely hot and uncomfortable while trying to enjoy the meal. Everyone was walking upstairs to try and get a breeze because it was hot below during dinner. There was a giant fan blowing in the room by the dj and people were trying to get cool from that. Our assigned table was closest to the dj and we couldn’t even hear each other across the small table because the music was so loud. We enjoyed the food until it got so hot but weren’t prepared for a buffet. Please update your website to show this is not a sit down, served meal. When we couldn’t take the heat any longer we went upstairs with everyone else and tried to find a seat. The only seating offered is folding chairs. Offer more seating. People were standing around awkwardly waiting for people to get up. It was so crowded because everyone was trying to get cool. The only saving grace of the night was the singer playing his guitar upstairs. He was fun and amazing. The sun was still beating down on us up there for a good hour but we stayed for the sights and little breeze there was. We forfeited our desserts, sadly, because we didn’t want to go back downstairs. The staff was friendly but the captain didn’t offer any info about the sites. We did get some great photos.

    Gloria Standifer
    March 19, 2024

    This was a super fun and relaxing experience. I would love to come for a dinner cruise next time.

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