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    Alyssa Inman
    March 25, 2024

    One star cause my husband and sons enjoyed the track but i took my little one to the arcade. Between the track and arcade I spend roughly $100 for less than an hour of play. When my son cashed his tickets in every single ring pop we got was melted so I asked him if we could just get something else. Mind you I felt them before opening them I finally opened one to show him how nasty it was it was melted over the ring and had white bubbles on it. He goes “im not supposed to take that back and you opened it” I was like fr. Just point me to whose in charge or let me buy one. Like my 2yo just wants the sucker he earned from playing all the games. So the kid behind the desks takes it out of my hand and throws it away and starts helping someone else. Mind you we waited patiently for someone to finally come upfront. So after giving him time to help the other people my husband approached me and said the kids are ready to go and I said Im not leaving till he’s done helping them so he can give our son his sucker. Like I just want one that isn’t inedible. He comes over and goes “Jesus just tell me what you want I don’t care just so you can get out of here”. Mind you I never was rude. I never got loud. I was just insisting on my son deserved his .50 cent sucker that I paid a lot of money for him to win. Like at that point just kindly offer something else. Instead of being rude. I literally never try and complain. I understand they work with a lot of tourist but never was my energy negative. So 1 star and just for that I’ll go to one of the other many arcades and go kart tracks next time 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    Kasey Loftis
    September 06, 2023

    We used to come here a lot when my kids were younger, so I thought they would love it. There are 7 kiddie rides. When we bought tickets, no one told us two were closed, and the swings were only for ages 4-7. Which is weird cause my 7 year old is taller and bigger than my 8 year old. So why it didn’t go by height or weight beats me. So we were left with 4 rides and instead of having fun, it felt like we were trying to just use up our tickets to not waste the money. The woman working the slide was just lazy and when my kids couldn’t hear her say they were aloud to go down the slide twice, it was like she was annoyed and really yelled at them. Between the go karts, the people, and the fan she had going, you can’t hear anything.

    March 19, 2024

    We enjoyed both tracks. It was fun. Nothing stood out about the tracks from any of the others we’ve done in Pigeon Forge. It’s all in what you make it, and the five of us thoroughly enjoyed both rides. We’ll try a different track next time, but only because we’ll want to try something new.

    Jason B
    March 08, 2024

    At a blast riding both the elevated track and the fast track. There is also a junior track loop for the younger drivers. The double carts had plently of power to keep up with the singles. We bought the 3-pack for a great value (see the pic posted of the ticket booth sign for prices).

    Dante Battles
    February 27, 2024

    Amazing place! Saved my night when they let 23 kids ride after a sudden change of plans! They have karts for all ages, the karts were fast and fun and everyone had a great time!!

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