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5200 City Park Dr, Lenoir City, TN 37772, USA

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    Phillip McClain
    January 24, 2024

    Here's some current pics from the docks that collapsed... they are currently starting to remove the debris starting at the far end

    Clayton Mayo
    April 06, 2024

    Just got the most rude call from them as I tried to inquire about doing business. Their hours are wrong and closed on Saturday is what I was talked over about. I about hung up on him. I have suggested new hrs for them as I can quote “ I only called because it might be an emergency, we’re closed today”. So if this is the case advertise accordingly.

    Fire Captain 202
    November 12, 2020

    Quiet, peaceful, absolutely stunningly beautiful East Tennessee surroundings! Calhouns restaurant overlooks the Fort Loudoun Marina and lake which serves "delicious food with a view" as I call it! ☺ Family attire, (although alcohol is available for adults), in which the entire family can enjoy! Jet Ski and boat rentals, fishing equipment, bait/tackle are also available all conveniently located in one place! Very clean environment with plenty to do or just relax in a hammock in the shade ☺

    Anthony Bradshaw
    October 29, 2023

    We stayed at the Knoxville Calhoun’s free dock and enjoyed the food so we were happy to see that the Fort Loudon Marina also had a Calhoun’s with a free dock. We pulled in around 2 pm a got secure on the free dock and they were not nearly as nice but hey a free dock who’s complaining. After getting docked I went to the restaurant to sign in and ask if we could stay the night because if we could stay overnight then we would have drinks at the restaurant. They said that was perfectly fine. The next day a couple of men from the marina came by and said that the docks didn’t belong to the restaurant and that the restaurant rented the building from the marina. They basically told me to leave before 5 pm. So we left. When we went by the fuel dock the fuel dock attendant started yelling at us and telling us we had to pay for the night or he was calling the police. The dock had no water or power or access to any other services. We pulled in and paid the nights stay all the while being lectured about how we were trying to steal from the marina. He was so rude he made my wife start crying. At this point I was done with his rude behavior and comments. This Marina needs to put up signs and contact active captain to inform them that the dock isn’t free. They also need to have a conversation with Calhoun’s about informing people that the dock isn’t free overnight. I did call to try and talk with management about my visit. Someone returned my call but said that the owner likes to handle complaints himself so she couldn’t discuss the situation with me. The owner never returned my call.

    Wendi Lou
    January 23, 2023

    Always a great little spot to stop in and relax while the kids play! So much to do: feeding the animals (feeder dispensers available on site, take quarters), watching the boats and boat ramps to launch your own, fishing, two separate parks for the kids to play in, relaxing by the water, trails to walk or bike down, a dog park, spots for picnics and parties, tennis courts, restrooms, gazebo to relax in, geode and shell hunting, geocaching, and ample parking! There's something for everyone! Just be cautious if you let your children play in the water as there are a lot of broken glass, trash, and fish hooks left behind by careless visitors. We have also discovered recently that there is a swan in the area. It's not the most friendly or pleasant, so I recommend caution if and when you approach it or it approaches you.

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