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    Sara Beth Wade
    February 20, 2024

    THIS is what I was looking for when I went out looking for the history of Oak Ridge as a government project to enrich uranium for the war effort in the Pacific theater. The actual K-25 factory building isn't there anymore, but this display clearly lays out the reasons they were doing it, the secrecy around it (the workers didn't really know what they were doing) and a full tour of the factory and how it worked. Plus life around the plant and the city. You get a plastic "security clearance" card that you can use in touch-display screens throughout, and you start the whole experience with a "security briefing" film that I am sure was far more information than the actual workers ever got. But it's a fun way to start your tour. All in all, highly recommended. And make sure to talk to any volunteers if they're around - Jerry (i think) was a chemist who worked at several plants in the area and he knows his stuff and his history! Very informative.

    Ron Plasencia
    February 13, 2024

    This was my first visit here and I'll be back! There is so much to see, read, and learn. The historical significance of this place is immeasurable: walk through time and be amazed at what can be done with focus and determination.

    J Hytken
    March 11, 2023

    This museum pays homage to the tens of thousands of people that worked to build the amount of weapons grade uranium for World War II. There is so much fascinating information which includes videos, actual devices, and items from the secret uranium enrichment plant. They have a great way of telling the story and you can tell lots of time and effort and money went into this museum. I especially enjoyed the video that describes the process for the enrichment of uranium. The video at the beginning of the tour was actually very well done, and I like the way they make the tour very interesting with some hands-on as well. The tour guide, who answered questions as we walked around, was once an employee of the plant and had an enormous amount of information that we found fascinating. I highly recommend this museum and we spent about 2 1/2 hours viewing, but could’ve spent another one to two hours taking the time to read more. You will have a good sense of how the USA was able to create and supply uranium that allowed others in the USA to create the bombs used in Japan and just how important women were to the war effort. Don’t skip the opportunity to view this wonderful museum.

    Jon Monahan
    February 23, 2023

    The K-25 History Center is tucked way up Enrichment Drive. It looks like you're pulling up to a firehouse, but go a bit further, and there is a parking lot for the center. It's reasonably priced ($10 for adults, less for kids, seniors, students, and military), and well worth it. There is a ton of history within these walls (and especially on these grounds) and is captured and displayed very tastefully and effectively within this facility. The staff is fantastic, so very friendly and informative...it really made a difference that people so knowledgeable are available and willing to carry on conversations about the site, and provide other recommendations of things to see in the area. I'd highly recommend this Center, and consider it a highlight of a journey through Oak Ridge.

    Charles Gilliam
    October 26, 2023

    Good place to visit if in Oakridge. Include it with other historic sites of the same type when in the area. It is a small museum on the mainly torn down site of a great factory. Few people visit here.

    K-25 History Center

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