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    Atlanta Treadmill & Fitness Repair
    April 04, 2023

    We stayed here last weekend and had the most relaxing time. The falls are beautiful and viewable from the cabin and the place is well kept. This place has a new owner and new management. I will definetly stay again.

    Sarah Gavan
    August 03, 2021

    We stayed here 5 years ago when ken and his wife first bought the place, we were married by the falls and honeymoon in the main cabin and our wedding party had the last cabin. We absolutely loved this place and it had always held a very special place in our hearts. We planned every year after to bring our blended family of 7 back for Christmas and as my husband travels for work it too 5 years for us to get back. We arrived on Christmas Eve during a beautiful perfect snow, woke up Christmas morning and enjoyed watching the snow on the falls while we waited for our 3 oldest kids to arrive. The power went out about 10am Ken assured us he had talked with the power company and it would be back on in an hour. Two hours later we noticed he and his family were leaving, he told use they were going to see family for lunch and would be back. He never came back. We had to rush to find a hotel that night, drove back to the cabin daily as he refused to return our calls. We stopped at the neighbors as we met them the fist time we were there, they told us Ken left Christmas day telling him he and his family had gotten lodgings in town as they knew the power wasn't coming back on anytime soon. We called him from a different number and he picked up. Told us he would refund us as we were paid for a week, the next day. We have still not been refunded. He refuses to answer our calls. Do not book through him. My heart is broken as this place will always be very special to me and my husband. I cried every day of this trip as he ruined this place for us, we will never be able to go back while Ken is the owner.

    Jimmy Aurthur
    July 26, 2017

    My husband and I were married here. I loved the name specifically because my granddaughter's name is Serenity. However, the owner Sue was so sweet and very helpful with our special day as well as the day before making sure we had everything we needed. Will definitely stay here again. It's a lovely place to visit and to see let alone being married here. Absolutely beautiful!

    Bob Whocares
    January 08, 2021

    If you book this cabin do not book or pay through the owner! Over two weeks and still have not been reimbursed! We stayed over Christmas and lost power (not his fault of course) but once he realized that the power was not coming back on did not tell us. We had to book a hotel every night after we went back and power was still not on. He did not call us at all the remaining time we were there to inform us so we had to drive back everyday because we were in hopes that the power would be restored as this is a beautiful location. Only told us once, when I called from a number he was not aware we had, did he would pay us back in a days time and did not. Now he will not answer the phone, nor return calls, texts, or emails! Horrible management which is disappointing as the place has great scenery.

    Addison de Lisle
    April 23, 2019

    A group of four friends and I booked this place for an Easter weekend getaway. The house itself was comfortable and rustic, and the deck literally over the waterfall was fantastic and definitely the best feature of the place (though with soil eroding from under the foundation one wonders how long it will last). We enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of the rushing creek every night. However, we wouldn't stay there again for several reasons. Firstly the listing is inaccurate in that the hot tub doesn't work and never has, as the host claimed that the power company won't supply enough power to run it. The wifi is not continuous, but rather sporadic and slow. I understand it's a rural area and I didn't mind disconnecting, but I am bothered by the misleading description of "continuous wifi" and "laptop friendly workspace". The kitchen was missing basics such as cooking oil, salt, pepper, napkins, and paper towels, and the nearest grocery store was twenty miles away. There were various other inconveniences such as bathroom doors not locking/closing, toilet paper and towels only being brought over on request, one wall not having working electricity, the gas "indoor fireplace" not working, and the oven and barbecue being pretty dirty. There is a front porch but the host's home is literally right across the driveway facing it so it's not really a comfortable place to hang out. The "fire pit" is actually a burn pile, which was more fire than I wanted for an evening's entertainment. I am from a rural area originally and I wasn't expecting a resort, but these are all pretty basic things that could easily have been remedied or accurately described. I also was uncomfortable with the host, Kevin. At first he seemed friendly enough but took to hanging around talking about himself for too long, mocked us for asking for the hair dryer and not being able to light the gas fireplace (he wasn't either), which are both listed amenities. His dogs were advertised as being "ON LEASH' which they sometimes were, but he sent his son over to knock on the door after 9pm one night to ask us to keep our dogs in while his ran (they were already in), and again in the following afternoon. The dogs were also repeatedly allowed to walk right up to the door of the cabin, both off and on leash, early in the morning and bark, which of course set off our dogs as well. It's also not apparent from the photos, but the cabin is literally just across the driveway from his home, which detracted from the "retreat" feeling we wanted and instead felt like we were in someone's front yard. Overall, we felt that we had to avoid Kevin the entire time we were there, and that he was intrusive as a host. We would have preferred minimal to no contact with him. Overall, with a more accurate listing, a little more attention to detail, and less intrusion from the host I would have been happier with my stay. It's too bad, because the cabin is pretty cute.

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