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    James Clements
    September 15, 2022

    The wait staff was terrific. The breakfast sausage was great. But honestly the rest of the food items was sub par. We've been to better Shoney's. And again I'm speaking food quality not employee quality. When you've eaten somewhere else and you go to the same chain restaurant you expect at the very least the same quality of food and this one failed to deliver. We ate there 3 breakfasts and 1 lunch and arrived at the same conclusion. They're just not that great. Unfortunately there's not a lot of other options in that neck of the woods so we took what we could get. Did I mention they had wonderful service.

    Jeff Perkins
    November 03, 2022

    I've always enjoyed Shoney's buffet. The salad bar is always fresh and there are plenty of food options. Yesterday was no exception, it's a great place to go if you're hangry, you get food fast, that isn't fast food.

    Billy Cleghorn
    November 07, 2022

    I was hesitant but I’m sure glad I went here to eat. Monday evening not many cars, everyone knows what that means. I was pleasantly surprised. There hot bar and salad bar was just amazing. They had steak, fried chicken, fried fish and everything for the fixings. Definitely my go too for a buffet in Morristown from now on. I would have to admit it was even better than the one in Dandridge! So if you’re starving and can’t pull the trigger on where to go…. Come here! DONT GO TO THE CORAL! Unless you just want to punish yourself and be disappointed.

    Monica Ailshie
    May 20, 2022

    My husband and I have lived in Morristown all of our lives. We remember how Shoney's USED to be, all family style and cozy and great food! Restaurant was always full!. We go to Shoney's for the hot bar and keep saying to each other, "This time it will be better!" Sadly, it has not been better. We ate there Thursday night on 5-18 around 6 because we thought if we got there when supper time was, everything would be hot and fresh. The salad bar hardly ever disappoints, but the hot bar has disappointed us the last 5 trips. Last night, the fish tasted like it had been sitting out since lunch and not warm or hot. The meatballs were very cold and the only thing that was the least bit warm were the potatoes and gravy. I opted to order off the menu as I knew how the hot bar would be. Chicken tenders and onion rings shouldn't be a problem. The chicken looked like it was barely cooked, but the onion rings were good. Our waitress, Mikala, was nice and cordial, but there was a lady that I presumed was the manager kept walking around like she had absolutely nothing to do and kept going in the bar putting her elbows, arms all over the bar. She kept talking non business to the lady that was trying to put fresh hot food out (after we had been there an hour) and didn't act like she gave 2 whoops about anything but her conversation. Management has been an issue there for quite sometime and after last night, we will not go back to the Shoney's in Morristown. I had to talk a day off of work Friday my stomach was hurting me so badly! We did not talk to the manager or a manager because didn't think it would do any good A good manager, in my opinion, should always check the temperature of the food if it has not been switched out in an hour. I'm sure if the food inspector came there unannounced, that place would fail. I know it's hard to find people that want to work, but if Shoney's in Morristown wants to stay afloat, they need to find new management!

    LeAnn Joesph
    May 12, 2022

    Had a wonderful experience for lunch today in the Morristown Shoney's the bar was fresh and full also very clean. Our waitress Ashley was friendly and very tentive to our needs. The lady doing the buffet kept it clean. The manager on duty Mandy checked on us during our lunch and after at the register. We will definitely be back. Thank you.

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