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    Lane Veneman
    May 12, 2024

    Morgan, Mike and John were great today. They were a lot of fun and high on safety. Great comic material to use over and over. We had lots of laughs and a wonderful time. Views were great and the entire process was magnificent. Highly recommend this fun activity!

    Barb Laub
    June 12, 2024

    My granddaughter and I had a wonderful time on our zipline tour! This was our first time and Megan and Zach were very good instructors. Safety was first and that was good to know because I was just a little apprehensive! By the 3rd line I was a lot more comfortable. Thanks for a great time that we will remember forever.

    Adrienne Brimer
    April 16, 2024

    Our family had a fabulous time on tour. The guides were a lot of fun and made the experience a favorite adventure while on vacation. I would highly recommend this zipline course company. The staff was very kind and accommodating to our needs. I stayed behind and the front porch was spacious and relaxing. They have a dog which was sweet and calm. Don't miss this on your next vacation excursion.

    Maggie Simon
    May 17, 2024

    Such a great experience!! My three friends and I came and were guided by Travis, Morgan and Zach. They were phenomenal, funny, and ensured we were safe every step of the way! They pointed out the BEST views, offered to take some great pictures of us, and made us laugh almost constantly. It was such a great time and we will definitely be back in the future!!

    Pritesh Patel
    May 28, 2024

    **Thrill and Adventure in the Heart of Nature** If you're seeking an exhilarating adventure surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the Smoky Mountain Zip Line is an experience you can't miss. Nestled in the lush, scenic Smoky Mountains, this zip line tour offers a perfect blend of adrenaline, stunning vistas, and professional service. **The Experience:** From the moment you arrive, the friendly and knowledgeable staff make you feel welcome and safe. Safety briefings are thorough, and the guides are attentive, ensuring that even first-timers feel comfortable. The equipment is top-notch and well-maintained, which adds to the overall sense of security. **The Zip Lines:** The course itself is a thrilling series of zip lines (7 zip lines), each one providing a unique perspective of the surrounding landscape. Soaring over treetops, valleys, and streams, you get to witness the Smokies from an unforgettable vantage point. The lines vary in length and speed, offering a mix of heart-pounding excitement and serene glides. **Scenic Beauty:** One of the highlights of the Smoky Mountain Zip Line is the unparalleled natural beauty. The lush greenery, the diverse wildlife, and the majestic mountains all contribute to a spectacular backdrop that enhances the zip-lining experience. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying an adventure. **Staff and Service:** The guides (Mike & Zach) are exceptional – professional, entertaining specially Mike, and genuinely passionate about their work. They not only ensure your safety but also share interesting facts about the local ecosystem and history, adding an educational element to the tour. Their enthusiasm is contagious, making the adventure even more enjoyable. **Value for Money:** Given the high-quality experience, the Smoky Mountain Zip Line is excellent value for money. The duration of the tour, the number of zip lines, and the overall experience justify the cost, making it a worthwhile investment for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. **Conclusion:** Overall, the Smoky Mountain Zip Line offers a perfect mix of adventure, safety, and natural beauty. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or someone looking to step out of their comfort zone, this zip line tour is a must-try. The memories you create while zipping through the stunning Smoky Mountains will last a lifetime. Highly recommended! --- **Tips for Future Visitors:** - Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. - they give pouch for cellphone to capture your photos. GoPro is also available to capture the stunning views. - Book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Happy zipping!

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