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    Zoloe Gaming
    June 14, 2022

    We recently went here to see Paul McCartney, and of course he was amazing, however we were sitting right at the top of the stairs in the section we were in. The seats and the view were incredible, but there was a bright fluorescent light just above us the entire time. They kind of had a curtain to separate the hallway from the inside area, but it was very unfortunate that it wasn’t at least made darker to be a bit more immersed. The seats were $700 a piece haha. Anyway we enjoyed everything, just wish there could have been slightly better accommodations for those at the very top of the stairs.

    August 20, 2022

    Attended a concert (Luke Bryan) here on 8/19/2022. This was our first time visiting the arena. Concert was great. Parking was good (get there early to get a spot - cost was $15). Great Seats, friendly and helpful staff. My only complaint/warning is the seats are close together (think flying economy with your knees hitting the back of the chair in front of you with no place to stretch your legs out in front of you) and on the smaller side. Granted, I could lose some weight but I'm not overly large (size 46 pants) and I could barely fit in the seat. The lack of leg room and the tightness of the seat makes it very difficult to sit for more then an hour. If you have bad knees (like my wife) it's almost impossible to stand up from the seat as well. Larger people may not even fit in the seats. Some restrooms are smaller then others. Hit and miss on those. We parked in G5 (near gate B). Our seats were in section 112. It took us 15 min to transit through the arena when leaving and another 30 min. to get out of the parking lot. Police were directing traffic which helped but I spent 15 min. waiting for the police to direct us into the flow of exiting traffic. I would like to suggest to the venue thinks about rerouting some of the exits so everyone feels like they are moving. Costs: Beer was $13, large soda $7, bottle of water $4, pizza (which was very good) $8. T-shirt of the tour - $35. For two of us, we spent about $100 inside the arena. Plan accordingly. All of that said, we had a good time and may take in another concert in the future. Picture from section 112, row 12.

    R. Scott Frank
    January 30, 2022

    This is a terrible place for a concert. They are very unorganized at times. We had an issue tonight at the Reba concert where some of the rows in the back of the floor had two less seats than the other rows. The ushers all told us that seats one and two were missing and these rows started with seat 3. It was later determined that seats 11 and 12 were missing. As people who showed up late to the concert had seats 1 and 2 purchased, they started moving all of us around right in the middle of the concert and it happened to row after row in front of us and behind us (and to us) and caused us to miss a good part of the concert in all the chaos and people standing and moving. The sound quality in this building is absolutely terrible. I know the building is old and smaller, but I always enjoyed the concerts at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum much better than this place. And believe me, you don't want to ever sit in the upper deck on the sides of the stage. You won't understand one word of the singer's lyrics from there. Take it from someone who speaks from experience. Also, I don't recommend anyone sitting on the floor. You can't see the stage once everyone stands because the floor has no incline. Therefore we watched the concert on the TV screens for the most part tonight. I could have done that from home. At least they had large projection screens so we could see something besides the back of someone's head.

    Marsha Lawson
    November 16, 2022

    I've been coming to Thompson Boling Arena since I was a little girl. The improvements made in the past few years definitely made it a better facility for their guests. It's typically clean and the staff is helpful. I've enjoyed many concerts and events there, everything from Lady Vols basketball to my own high school graduation to the Backstreet Boys back in the day.

    Sharon Ostrom
    December 20, 2021

    It would have been five stars if the Lady Vols would have won. It has been on my bucket list to watch a game at TBA and I am happy it came to fruition. Just bummed LV lost though. Great game. Wonderful energy, great seats, friendly people, awesome fans!

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