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    Paul R
    January 17, 2022

    Great and must see attraction if in the area and worth going out of the way if it’s not. You must make reservations ahead and time fills up fast. The experience is amazing to say it short. You arrive and are given a card with a name of a passenger and you will find out your faith in the end of you make it. They have multiple life size exhibits of parts of the ship that really help you get a feeling of the size and life on the ship. The grand staircase was way smaller then it seemed in the movie and truly made it worth the cost. They also have a section that allows you to feel the water as it was that night in regards to temperature. Plus so much more you will find, don’t want to say to much, but its completely worth the price. Also, bring wipes to clean you audio guide device. You hold it up to your ear to listen at different stages as you walk around.

    Pia Boje
    October 27, 2022

    You have to get your tickets in advance and choose your time slot. We went here on a Tuesday at 10am. It wasn't very busy and we didn't have to wait in line to get in. I thought it was pretty cool they give you a ticket and you get to be a person from the actual ship. It's a self guided audio tour so you look for numbers in the museum and put them into your audio tour device. They also have a youth audio tour which is designed for children. My kids are 8 and 6. The 8 year old enjoyed it more than the 6 year old but every child is different. There's a lot to look at and read. You are not allowed to take pictures downstairs but after the grand staircase you can take pictures just remember to not use flash. All in all it was a great museum, very informative. The only thing I was missing were more things they actually found from the Titanic, like silverware or other personal things from the passengers. This museum is definitely for everyone who is interested in the Titanic and wants to learn more about it.

    Michelle Garris
    September 16, 2022

    Although the tickets are a little pricey I feel like the experience is definitely worth the price. I got discounted tickets through AAA which did help a little. The line when we arrived was quite long but the staff were able to make it feel like we only waited a few minutes. All of the staff we encountered were beyond friendly and knowledgeable and really played a part in making you feel like you really were on the Titanic. Although the museum is only a smaller replica of the actual ship, it still felt so big! You can’t take photos on the first floor until you reach the iconic grand staircase. They had lots of exhibits and memorabilia/artifacts from the ship. Throughout the entire museum they have an audio guide and multiple signs to read with info about the ship, passengers, and crew. I love that you get a boarding pass for a real person that was on the ship; this is such a great way to honor those who passed and those who survived the sinking of the Titanic. This really is a once in a lifetime experience!

    Colleen Rinaldi
    October 03, 2022

    What a great experience for the entire family. I love that they give each person their own voice handset. Interactive, educational and fun! A great outing and a must do when in Tennessee. The grand staircase is so beautiful and being able to picture yourself in the ship in each class of cabins was awesome. You also get assigned a character to follow their story through the museum.

    paige agee
    June 28, 2022

    Really cool experience, would definitely recommend if you have any interest in the ship itself, the passengers or even just the movie. For adults, I’d plan to spend about 2 hours in there. It is pretty much self-guided but they do also have audio devices that give you information about certain exhibits & artifacts. The museum is actually a bit smaller than I expected, but still well worth it. Please be sure to grab tickets in advance. I (foolishly) assumed I could walk up and enter, but I arrived at about noon on a Monday and the next available entry time was 6:30 pm. One of the more interesting features is the boarding pass you get upon entry with a real passenger’s name and a bit of their back story, at the end of the experience, you find out if you lived or died. I found out a lot of new information and details I hadn’t heard before. Pictures aren’t allowed in most areas, but you can pose on and take pictures on the infamous grand staircase. All in all, a great & unique experience and the building’s exterior is outstanding!

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