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    Ashlynn Presley
    November 09, 2022

    Today I was walking in the mall and got approached by Noam at the Straight Ahead kiosk. I usually do not like to get stopped by the sales people but today I was like why not! Noam was very professional and kind. He demonstrated the products on my hair and it actually worked super well!! The straightener actually curled, straightened, and made my hair soft!! I was interested in what else I could get for my hair and Noam showed me the hair serum and the blow dryer for a great deal! When I got home, I wanted to open my new items and started to use it and realized how amazing these products are and how getting ready now takes less time with the new straightener! Definitely recommend this kiosk and Noam to take care of your hair needs!!

    Adriana Almanza
    November 06, 2022

    The customer service here is amazing! All the Noam team are so helpful and super professional! I bought 2 straighteners from them and they work incredible. They also included a shampoo for free for buying 2. I really recommend them! Oh and also the guys there are handsome! Definitely coming back.

    Sharon Heaton
    November 11, 2022

    Jen with straight ahead in the mall was so helpful. Gave me lots of good tips. Even curled my hair and made me beautiful. Love my new flat iron. Can't wait to use my blow dryer and love my hair serum. I'm ready for a night in the town.

    H. Fields
    November 06, 2021

    If you have not visited West Town Mall lately, id recommend going. Very updated and will have the stores you are looking for. Today with little time before closing i was really impressed Altered State juniors, Womens, plus size, and baby. Fashion jewelry some of The softest and cutest pajama sets add fitness gear, hats , saw some lil combat boots, short dresses, long dresses, trendy sweaters, t- shirts that you can't find anywhere else, I saw alot of neutral prints, colors, tops , pants, skirts, OKAY its a little pricy, but in my opinion quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, right? They have the trendiest clothes so no other stores i found necessary with what little time I had. teens and millennials will want everything, not to leave out 20,30's and 40's too.. I can't go past my own age , I wouldn't know, but what I do know is its my new fav. Store! Took pics for everyone. ( I am only a excessive shopper, I only like to do reviews. And IM THE FIRST TO POST THE NEGATIVES ABOUT PLACES VS. GOOD) so far so good here.. Let me know what you think. I have 40, 000 hits on some other reviews I've done, so no store wants to give me a reason, truth is everything for the next person right? I do these reviews with nothing to gain as they don't know till after the fact. Can go real good or real bad... BUT ILL SAY WHAT NOONE ELSE WILL. BRUTALLY HONEST IF NOTHING ELSE. FEEDBACK? COUPONS? lol

    August 21, 2022

    What a terrifying experience I had tonight. As my friends and I were walking around the mall tonight close to closing time, a woman approached me attempting to sell me a straightener for my hair. She kept pursuing a conversation with me after I politely told her “No, I am not interested.” She then wrongly assumes one of my friends’ gender and assumes that we are dating. As my friends and I were anxious to leave the mall and trying to walk away from the woman, the woman would not stop trying to sell me an over-priced flat iron. She then demanded I come by her booth to see what the hype was about, but again I told her “No.” She ignored me stating “It will only take a second.” She then WITHOUT CONSENT takes me to a mirror and begins to touch my hair. She takes out my headband from my hair and refuses to give it back after I try to take it back from her station that she laid it on. I was extremely uncomfortable in this situation and made it very clear to her that I did not have time for whatever she was wanting to do with my hair and that I did not want my hair to be touched. Ignoring me once again, she combs out my hair and begins to straighten it on one side but curl it on the other side. As I was telling her “Please stop, no thank you” she rudely spoke over me to avoid my requests to stop. I felt that my personal space was very much violated as I made it clear I was not okay with her touching my hair or attempting to sell me anything. Repeatedly she told me and my friends to “Come closer” to see the “secret” discounts she was willing to offer me. “Closer” to her means almost shoulder to shoulder. This again is an invasion of my personal space. Every time I tried ending the conversation and walking away, she continued to touch my hair and iron it saying “It will only take a second!” Trying to make conversation, she asks me and my friends our names and what city we’re from. This interaction continued on for almost 10 minutes and the mall is minutes away from closing. Booth sellers are very typical in shopping malls, but I have never had a situation like this. I’m okay with booth sellers, but if someone says “PLEASE STOP, NO THANK YOU” then it is time for you to stop and move on. Do not touch people without consent. Whoever this woman was attempting to sell me a $300+ flat iron, she made me feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

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